Monday, October 3, 2011


Great vocals by Rihanna:

We Found Love (Alessio Silvestro Remix) - Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

It's really smooth, chill, relaxing, and she has such an amazing voice.. This will blow up in the clubs around you very soon, so be before those DJs and get this in your speakers! Too bad I am not in Ibiza right now..I could see this playing at Pacha in about 2 hours lol. You can play this song to any occasion, just go find something to do productive and it'll make it that much better.

Rather Red.

So different but actually nice..Listen to all of this:

Helena Beat (Rather Red RRRemix) - Foster The People

Try this one out. I already see this being a love or hate, kill or kiss, stab or lick type of song. It has a new feel to it, not sure how to describe it. However, I actually like it more and more often I listen to it. Play it a few times in a shower and learn how to dance for once in your life. Then play this in the car on the way to smoking a joint for the first time....AND then after you smoke that joint..Put your headphones on and bump this..I promise a good time ;)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dirty South.

Put your Beats on to this:

Alive (Tommy Trash Remix) - Dirty South & Thomas Gold feat. Kate Elsworth

Reminds me of Ibiza, at Space, in front of the speakers where you feel the bass and the music like never before..It's a new sense of feel that you get in front of the speaker. And with this song, if you turn it up just enough.... It was achieve things that you have never experienced before. Take a shot, take two...take three..turn this on..turn this up..even higher..HIGHER! And let yourself goooo...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gareth Emery.

Better have it, here is the new remix:

Sanctuary (Paul Thomas & Myke Smith Remix) - Gareth Emery ft. Lucy Saunders

This song is the reason to why house music is so good..and perfect for so many moments in your life. I can name a bunch of things that I could do with this song... It's just so fluid and smooth that it'll get you going for anything. And that voice of hers....kill me now! (no, don't really kill me idiot) This song delivers like pizza hut on a tuesday night before the season finale of your favorite show begins.. Get it!


Feels so good:

Fresh Rhythm

Just makes you wanna a great feel to it. Can't stop the step making that I am creating because my rhymes be debating whether its a cycle or global warming..  
Get this song. And try out the many other amazing artists on this album.. It's just one dancing in the shower-driving to your interview-becoming american idol-late night cinemax watching- groove after the other. Go cop it. It's your time..

Click to be blown away:

Peter Gelderblom.

I gotta let you know..this is sweet:

I Gotta Let U Go (Niels van Gogh & Daniel Strauss Remix) - Peter Gelderblom feat. Dominica

This song has a nice house feel to it. The vocals are fantastic and they just streak through your body like a numbing sensation. Paint a picture to this and become Michael Angelo. Shoot hoops to this, and become Michael Jordan... Try dancing to this and become Michael Jackson. Great song, cop it. Try to chill in that Jacuzzi to yours while slowing turning up the volume of this song while listening to your mate and trying to tune them out.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Joe Goddard.

It's the chillness that makes you listen:

Gabriel (Original Mix)

It's the soothing, calming, relaxing, in the sun, inside when it rains, reading a book, chilling on the sand of Malibu Beach at 11:59pm when your curfew is midnight and you live in Beverly Hills.. good... To really appreciate it, listen to it when you can relax or while your cruising home from your booty call. Its the song of songs to listen to when feeling chill... Imagine it in your Dre Beats, laying down on the grass on top of skyscraper's roof, while the stars move about in the sky and all you want to do is touch one..

Click to let the stress melt off your body:

FnK Fancy.


Fucking FancY (Original Mix)

Besides.....Weed... *something*....Weed...*something*...Weed Weed...Listen to this song and then you'll understand where I am coming from..I know this might be too funky for some of you..or you think..How about you download it, and listen to this while...taking a shower? ;) But yeah, groovy feel to it. Sort of hard to stand still to as well. It is a jump smoking spinning singing swimming chilled in the freezer type song. That little drop in the beginning is pretty amazing in itself that you might see yourself pressing the rewind button plenty of times...Get it before it gets you!

Rebecca & Fiona.

All I want to do is listen to you:

Hard (John Dahlback Remix)

Its true.. I just want to be next to you... LOL that's just creepy. Anyways, awesome song. This is that play to the club, in the club and on the way back from the club type-music. It's just that good. Try bumping this real loud until the speakers become your air conditioner... And I got to admit, it's easily one of the nicest vocals on an electronic track. Be sure to not sue me after this song blows your speakers out...Or your ears  for peeps sake..

Click if you would like their EP:

Groove Armada.

I listen to u baby:

I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Radio Edit)

It does not get old...I see you baby......shaking that ass..shaking that ass. Then you got all songs on this album that just make you step back. Seriously, they are that good. Better than vitamins in the morning after a full stomach type music. Listen to this in the shower while learning how to do the reject, or by taking it old and learning how to do the discooo. Make sure to say that with any accent and I promise you'll lip singing that in class while you have a 2 hour speech on how the world is on blanket with the sun. Yes.

Click to see things: